Will Notary Pro offer online services after the pandemic?

It has been an incredible few months for us all, with many challenges and few opportunities during the COVID-19 pandemic for people to meet with a Notary Public across Canada.

In March, Notary Pro was delighted to announce the launch of Canada’s first online notary public service, also known as Remote Online Notary (RON). From March onwards, Notary Pro has provided Canadians with a convenient, simplified and easy-to-use solution to digitally notarize their documents online, whenever and wherever they are located.

Now, many of our clients have been asking, will we continue to offer online notary services after the COVID-19 pandemic ends? The answer is yes! We have found that many Canadians, especially those in remote rural locations, have used our RON service when local in-person notary public locations have been closed.

Digital notarizations are an efficient, practical and highly convenient way of notarizing your documents from the safety, security and comfort of your home or office. The process itself only takes a few minutes. At Notary Pro, we’ve digitally notarized thousands of documents and have refined the process to be as simple as possible for you.

So how does the remote online notary process work? Check out this video to find out more!

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