Getting your Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination – What to do and how to do it

If you have been asked by your employer or university/college to provide an attestation regarding your COVID-19 vaccination status (i.e. a document proving that you are fully vaccinated), NotaryPro can provide you with a free Vaccination Attestation Affidavit template. The process is easy and quick. Here is all the information you’ll need to know.

What is an Attestation?

An attestation is often in the form of a sworn statement like an Affidavit – that is, a simple written document setting out facts in numbered paragraphs, which you then sign in front of a Notary Public or Commissioner of Oath.

What is a COVID-19 Vaccination Attestation / Affidavit?

In light of the ongoing COVID pandemic and the need to reopen universities, places of employment and public spaces, many institutions are requiring individuals to provide proof of their vaccination status prior to entering these facilities.

A Vaccination Attestation or Affidavit is a statement that declares one is fully vaccinated

How do I create a COVID-19 Vaccination Attestation Affidavit?

Many universities and colleges do or will create their own vaccination attestation forms. However, if such form doesn’t exist, NotaryPro offers a simple, free online form to create a Vaccine Attestation Affidavit. Simply fill out this form to create your document in seconds. You can edit, update or change the template as needed.

How do I notarize a COVID-19 Vaccination Attestation after I receive it?

It’s easy to notarize your document – NotaryPro’s convenient and secure Remote Online Notary services allow you to electronically sign your Vaccine Attestation Affidavit from the comfort of home, with video and e-signing technology. Simply book an appointment for our Remote Online Notary service, and upload your finalized Vaccination Attestation / Affidavit file.

How does Remote Online Notarization work? 

You will meet with a NotaryPro notary via online video, verify your ID and electronically sign, and then immediately receive your e-signed Affidavit via email. It’s fast, secure and legal. NotaryPro helps thousands of Canadians each week with our industry-leading remote online notarization service.

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