Your Guide to Getting a Digital Certified True Copy

In our modern electronic era, it is very common that the only original version of an important life document you will ever receive is a digital PDF file.

What is a digital certified true copy? 

A digital certified true copy is a notarized copy of an original digital/electronic-only document, for example: any document that was originally and only created in an electronic format such as a PDF, Word file or any electronic format.

What documents are considered digital copies? 

Through our Remote Online Notary Service, NotaryPro is able to certify true copies of original digital documents including:

  • Banking statements, 
  • Utility bills (hydro, gas, water), 
  • Official correspondence/letters from government or authorities, 
  • Government-issued tax documents, 
  • Pay stubs, 
  • Transcripts, 
  • Receipts, 
  • Criminal record checks
  • Business registration documents (Articles of Incorporation, Certificates of Incorporation, By-Laws), 
  • University / college enrolment documents, 
  • Employment offers, 
  • Invoices, 
  • Retail receipts, 
  • Insurance confirmation, 
  • Mortgage documents

The list above is not finite, and many more documents that are originally electronic can be notarized online. 

However,  Notary Pro cannot provide digital certified true copies of original printed, paper documents (first issued / created in a paper format) using our Remote Online Notary service. Such documents will need to be notarized in front of a notary public. Such documents can include: 

  • Any government-issued photo identification documents, such as passports, driver’s licences and permanent resident cards
  • Vital statistics documents, including marriage certificates, birth certificates, divorce certificates and death certificates
  • University / college diplomas and degrees

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