Why do I need an affidavit of execution for my Will or power of attorney?

An Affidavit of Execution is a notarized document which is signed by the person who witnessed your Last Will and Testament or Power of Attorney, and then notarized by a licensed lawyer and notary from the Law Society of Ontario.

In the Affidavit, your witness will swear to the fact that you signed your Will or Power of Attorney on the day you actually signed it. By signing this, the Affidavit of Execution offers a simple, proven and effective way of supporting the authenticity of your signature.

How does this help?

One day after you pass away, your relatives may need to prove your Will in a process called probate. A properly signed and commissioned Affidavit of Execution provides powerful supporting evidence for your signature, and saves stress and headaches for your family.

How do I get an Affidavit of Execution?

Notary Pro is proud to offer a template Affidavit of Execution and online commissioning service for your Affidavit of Execution. If you have already signed your Will, you can arrange to have your witness (or witnesses) sign an Affidavit of Execution today. Click here to book your online signing appointment.

For an additional fee we can provide an original paper copy of the signed Affidavit of Execution as well.

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