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Simplify and outsource your company’s notarization and commissioning needs with easy remote online notary services by Notary Pro.

  • Expert, on-demand online notary services
  • Eliminate the hassle of finding and meeting a notary in-person
  • Custom booking and registration page
  • Discounted pricing for you or your clients
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Flexible payment options
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    Volume Pricing is Ideal for:

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    Associations and non-profit organizations

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    Banks and financial institutions

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    Construction companies

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    Corporations of all types

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    Educational institutions

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    Insurance companies

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    Law firms

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    Mortgage company / brokers

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    Technology companies

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    Title companies

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    Real Estate companies

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    The right fit

    Why is Notary Pro right for you?

    Although there are many notarization companies throughout Canada, we are one of the top rated remote online notarization company with a strong focus on customer excellence and technology.

    • Average Trustpilot rating of 4.8 and above with verified clients reviews;
    • National brand recognition amongst clients and notaries;
    • Strong training program amongst our notaries to standardize service and quality
    • Dedicated service professionals to work with you

    Still interested but have more questions? Send us a quick email to our dedicated account manager and we’ll get back to you!

    Apply Now for Business Discounts

    Apply Now for Business Discounts

    Save time. Save money. Try NotaryPro for Business.

    Apply Now for NotaryPro’s Business Discount