Can you notarize documents remotely?

It’s 2020 and the answer is: yes. Remote online notary services are now available in Canada and indeed across North America. Notary Pro is proud to be Canada’s first and leading remote online notary service.

What is the remote online notarization process like?

It’s simple, fast, and secure. When you meet with a Notary Pro online, first your ID will be reviewed and then your document will be electronically signed and digitally notarized. Trust us – it is fast!

You will instantly receive a PDF copy of your e-signed document via email. This file contains a new detailed document history page, which includes a record of the encrypted electronic signature process. It is the security you expect in 2020.

What are the advantages of notarizing documents remotely?

First, you can stay in the safety and security of your home or office and book an appointment at any time that works for you. You do not need to put on a mask, and you certainly do not need to get out of your sweatpants.

Secondly, when you use a remote online notary service such as Notary Pro’s leading virtual notary public platform, you benefit from having the expertise of Notary Pro’s lawyer notaries guiding you every step of the way.

Third, your electronic signature is encrypted, and your digitally notarized document is as legal and legitimate as a real pen and paper document.

Finally, times have changed rapidly. You can trust the seal of every Notary Pro notary public will be accepted by almost any recipient today. While we cannot 100% guarantee anything, we stand behind our electronically signed and digitally notarized documents and will vouch for your e-signature with any recipient.

But are remote online notary services legal?

Yes. The laws governing remote notary services (sometimes called virtual notary, electronic notary, or digital notary) are fairly new and emerging in many provinces in Canada and states across the United States.

In Ontario, the remote online notary process is permitted by Ontario Regulation 431/20 and electronic signatures are permitted under the Ontario Electronic Commerce Act. In British Columbia, the BC Ministry of the Attorney General has permitted virtual commissioning. More provinces are coming onboard every month.

In the United States, the State of Virginia became the first state to legalize electronic notaries, and remains the leading state for online notarization services. Many states have legalized electronic notarization as well.

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