How notarized travel documents make your travel plans stress free.

Travel restrictions imposed during the COVID-19 pandemic have made it difficult for families to travel abroad. In particular, it is currently challenging to enter Canada, even from the United States and even if you are related to a Canadian citizen or in a relationship with a Canadian citizen.

Although the Canadian government recently relaxed quarantine restrictions at the Canadian border, it is still often necessary to obtain a notarized recommended travel consent letter, or a notarized “Covid-19 Entry into Canada” IMM0006E form in order to enter Canada.

The good news is that NotaryPro regularly helps Canadians and their families with their travel plans. Through our industry-leading Remote Online Notary service, NotaryPro can quickly and easily notarize these two commonly notarized documents.

What is a Recommended Travel Consent Letter?

The travel consent letter is a standard template letter offered by the Government of Canada which will allow your child to travel alone, or travel with only one parent, or their relatives. The Canadian Government strongly recommends that Canadian children carry a notarized consent letter if they are traveling under these circumstances.

For the purposes of this consent letter, a Canadian child is defined as anyone who is under the age of majority (18 or 19, depending on the province or territory of residence).

Note that a travel consent letter is not a legal requirement in Canada. However, NotaryPro’s clients regularly advise that the letter greatly simplifies international travel for Canadian children

The letter is occasionally requested by immigration authorities when entering or leaving a foreign country or by Canadian officials when re-entering Canada. The letter establishes that the child has the permission from parents or guardians who are not accompanying them to travel abroad.

The consent letter is free to download on the NotaryPro website, and is easy to fill out using the latest version of Adobe Reader.

What are the IMM0006E and IMM0016E Covid-19 entry forms?

In the fall of 2020, the Canadian Federal Government released the IMM0006E form, which is explained in detail on our blog post here. This form allows individuals who are in an exclusive dating relationship, or are related to a Foreign National (not a Canadian citizen), to invite their loved one to cross the border and travel into Canada. 

In March 2021, the IMM0016E form was released, permitting travel for minors (children) to enter Canada, which is explained here.

The forms can only be completed and signed by a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or a person registered under Canada’s Indian Act.

This form includes 5 sections, and is detailed and should be completed carefully. Section 3 can be signed  electronically by your loved one in advance at any time, however Section 4 must be signed at the time when you meet with a NotaryPro. In other words, do not sign Section 4 before you meet the notary public.

How NotaryPro can help your travel plans?

The great news is that NotaryPro can quickly virtually commission and electronically sign the IMM0006E and IMM0016E forms through our popular Remote Online Notary service. Backed by hundreds of 5-star reviews, you can rest assured that NotaryPro will help you and your family finalize your travel plans.

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