Your Guide to a Statutory Declaration for a Change of Sex Designation on a Birth Registration of an Adult

Under the Ontario Human Rights Code, people are protected from discrimination and harassment because of gender identity and gender expression in:

  • employment;
  • housing;
  • facilities and services;
  • contracts, and 
  • membership in unions, trade or professional associations.

Ontario has a gender identity policy that aims to recognize and respect all transgender and non-binary people and give all Ontarians access to identification that matches their gender identity.

Adults, 16 years of age or older with an Ontario birth registration may apply to change their sex designation on their birth registration so it matches with their gender identity. With supporting documents (detailed in the forms), you may request a change to your sex designation to:

  • Male;
  • Female; or
  • X (non-binary).

The following forms must be completed:

Statutory Declaration for a Change of Sex Designation on a Birth Registration of an Adult (007-11324E), which must be sworn or affirmed that the information is true before a commissioner for taking affidavits or a notary public. It is a criminal offence to swear a false or misleading affidavit and it is your responsibility to make sure that the information is true.

Along with the forms, the following must all be provided:

  • a letter signed by a practicing physician or psychologist (including a psychological associate) authorized to practice in Canada that includes the statements necessary to support your request (in some cases, alternatives to the required letter may be acceptable);
  • all previously issued birth certificates, birth certificates with parental information and certified copies of your birth registration; and

a completed application for a Request for Birth Certificate, along with applicable fees.

Swearing or Affirming

Up until recently, sworn statements were required to be signed and witnessed in-person. The Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General is now permitting lawyers and notaries to virtually sign the physical signing of statutory declarations. Once the affidavit is complete, you can book an appointment online to notarize the form using our remote online notarization

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