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148 Fullarton St, London, ON

Notary Pro London Downtown is one of Ontario’s best rated Notary Public. Offering services to Notarize and Commission all types of documents, our location is conveniently within downtown London. We offer convenient opening hours that best fits your busy schedule.

Notary Pro London Downtown

Location: 1508-148 Fullarton St, London, ON

Notary: Rein Lomax, Lawyer & Notary Public

Phone: 1-888-313-0909

Email: [email protected] 

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Affordable Prices for Notary Services

First Document

$ 30 CAD

By appointment. Includes HST.

Additional documents are $20 each.

Wills or Power of Attorney: $60 (Extra copies $30 each).

Includes Certified / Notarized True Copies (of ID etc).

Walk-in service without appointment: add $10 

for first document.
3% processing fee for Credit/Debit payments applies.


First Document

$ 30 CAD

By appointment. Includes HST.

Securely and easily digitally notarize

your documents via online video.

Additional documents are $20 each.

No Certified True Copies via online video service.


First Document Template


Drafting of Affidavits,

Statutory Declarations

Customized templates only:

No legal advice given.


Services & Documents

Our team will work with you to notarize and commission many documents that you need. Discover what we can offer you!