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Notary Pro can notarize, authenticate and legalize any document for you. We work closely with all Embassies and Consulates across Canada to process your documents for use internationally.

NotaryPro’s experienced team is registered with Global Affairs Canada (GAC) to provide authentication services. We regularly provide legalization services by working with embassies, consulates and any other international institution. Our staff include former employees of Global Affairs Canada, and are highly familiar with all processes there.

  • Experts with foreign embassies in Ottawa, Toronto and across Canada
  • Highly knowledgeable with Global Affairs Canada’s authentication process
  • Dedicated account manager during the process
  • Our notaries are licensed lawyers & notary publics recognized by Global Affairs
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Our Authentication & Legalization Process

Here’s how it works

Get your documents notarized

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Your document gets Authenticated at Global Affairs

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We get your document legalized by an embassy or consulate

Why Notary Pro?

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Save the time and hassle of authenticating and legalizing your documents by using NotaryPro. We help clients all over the world with their documents needs for over 6 years and counting.

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Common questions on Authentication and Legalization

What is Authentication?

Authentication is a certification of the genuineness of the signature and seal or the position of an official who has the authority to execute, issue, or certify a document so that a document executed, issued or certified in one jurisdiction may be recognized in another jurisdiction.

Authentications do not certify the genuineness, legality or credibility of the documents or their contents.

Global Affairs Canada (GAC, sometimes called ‘Foreign Affairs’ by its old name) authenticates a wide range of documents for the public through their JLAC branch.

You may request that a Canadian public document be authenticated by asking (GAC) / (JLAC) to confirm that a Canadian public official’s signature, seal or stamp on the document is genuine.

What is Legalization?

After being authenticated by GAC, Embassies require that documents be legalized. The general requirements to legalize documents in embassies are:

  • The document must be an original or certified true copy of the original by a notary public or commissioner of oaths.
  • It must be stamped by GAC.
  • Some embassies require translation.
  • Some embassies require a cover letter explaining the purpose of use.
  • Some embassies require supporting documents linking authentication with the provided document (business/work contracts, travel visas, educational offers, etc.)

Our notaries

Our top experts at your service

We recruit and hire only the best notary publics and commissioners of oaths. All our notaries are all accomplished lawyers and paralegals, called to the Ontario bar, and are in good standing with their provincial Law Society. We strive to provide the best in-class service with exceptional notarial talent.

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Our Prices for Authentication & Legalization

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Step 1: Notarization


  • First Notarized Document.
  • Each additional notarized documents is $19.95.
  • Notarization will need to be done in-person
  • All prices not inclusive of GST/HST.
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Step 2: Authentication


  • Includes: Attendance at Global Affairs Canada
  • Optional: Attendance at Canadian Chamber of Commerce – $50 plus HST, plus authentication fee charged by CCC
  • *All prices not inclusive GST/HST.
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Step 3: Legalization


  • Includes: Attendance at Embassy/Consulate in Ottawa
  • Courier services are extra and will be charged based on client location.
  • All prices not inclusive of GST/HST

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