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Have a Last Will & Testament or a Power of Attorney? You’ll need to book our virtual witnessing service (this still requires a bit of pen and paper). We cannot e-sign these documents (yet).

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Legal Details Explained

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What exactly is the remote online notary service?

Remote (virtual) notarization or commissioning allows your Notary Pro to meet with you via video conference and electronically sign your documents while on a video call, in accordance with Ontario Regulation 431/20 and the Ontario Electronic Commerce Act.

Once you upload your document, grab your ID, and then join the Google Meets video call at the scheduled time to meet your Notary Pro.

You will receive an email invitation to electronically sign your document. Once signed, your Notary Pro will then counter-sign and apply their digital notarial seal and information. You will instantly receive the completed document back via an email attachment.

Are electronic (digital) signatures valid?

Yes. The Ontario Electronic Commerce Act states that “a legal requirement that a document be signed is satisfied by an electronic signature.” (2000, c. 17, s. 11 (1).)

In simple terms: an electronic signature is a valid method of signing a document in Ontario.

To date, Notary Pro has electronically signed thousands of documents which have been sent and used around the world – without issue – with thousands of satisfied customers.

online notary public remote
online notary public remote

How does online notary signing work?

Our online notary service is convenient, secure and online. It is as simple as 1-2-3. All you need to do is: 1) upload or email us your document(s), 2) pick a convenient time and date, and 3) pay.

Once your appointment is booked, you will receive a confirmation email with all essential details. Zoom, FaceTime and WhatsApp video calls supported.

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What has the Law Society of Ontario stated about virtual commissioning?

The Law Society has issued guidance to lawyers about virtual commissioning and created the following checklist as well as this resource guide.

However, the Law Society of Ontario does not regulate the Notaries Act nor the Commissioners for taking Affidavits Act, the legislation which governs Notary Pro’s services. The Law Society of Ontario also does not regulate electronic signatures, which are governed by the Ontario

online notary public remote

Why choose Notary Pro?

All Notary Pro notaries are licensed lawyers or paralegals

Rest assured that every Notary Pro notary public is a duly appointed and licensed Canadian lawyer or paralegal. You can search for, and find, every notary in their respective provincial Law Society directory (or equivalent database).

Every Notary Pro team member receives extensive professional training before serving clients and is given regular practice updates from the industry. We make sure that every notary is aware of the rapidly changing legal document landscape.

While each notary operates independently, we provide a common set of guidelines for serving our clients to provide a seamless, positive customer experience. We strive to continually improve our processes, and demystify the process of notarizing a document.

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online remote notary encryption

Your security comes first

Our digital signature platform includes a ‘chain of custody’ record-keeping feature which protects the integrity of your document, and gives confidence to the person or organization which receives it.

All video calls use encrypted passwords. Your documents are also backed-up, stored securely, and password-protected. Our team is constantly monitoring regulatory developments to ensure total compliance with industry best practices.

Your Notary Questions, Our Answers

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HST Included in All Prices

Payment Types Accepted: Online Credit Card Pre-Payment

  • $30: First Notarized Document, with Appointment
  • $20: Per Additional Notarization
    • Great value compared with $49 + HST at Red Seal Notary or $75+ PER document at most law firms!
  • $60: Power of Attorney, Last Will & Testament, Separation / Divorce / Prenup Agreement  (requires wet signature on paper plus drop-off service)
  • $50: Document drafting service: AffidavitStatutory DeclarationInvitation LetterLast Will & Testament.

Walk-ins (without appointment) add $10 and only available during times shown at select locations below.

We can notarize and commission the following documents via online signing (but are not limited to!):

  • Affidavits (any type) including OSAP Affidavits
  • Last Will and Testaments
  • Power of Attorney
  • Statutory Declarations
  • Recommended Consent Letter for children traveling abroad (commonly referred to as a travel consent letter)
  • CCDC 9A – Statutory Declaration of Progress Payment Distribution by Contractor
  • Delayed birth registration forms
  • Application to amend birth registration
  • Declaration affirming parentage
  • Election to change of name of child under the age of 12
  • Statutory declaration by an applicant to correct an error in registration
  • Legal name change application
  • Blank statutory declaration
  • Insurance claims
  • Common law status affidavits
  • Special invitations to family members overseas
  • Passport applications (in lieu of guarantor)
  • Pension purpose attestations of recipient being alive and confirming their residency
  • Residency document
  • Lost passport
  • Single status certificate
  • Federal government permanent residency card applications
  • Municipal Information Form (MIF) for liquor license
  • Affidavit waiving vaccinations based on religious grounds
  • and many more!

We cannot provide online signing or notarizing for the following documents, which will require an in-person appointment:

  • Certified or notarized “true copies” of original documents (i.e. notarized photocopies of your ID, degree, diploma, birth certificate, etc)
  • Service Ontario Documents (i.e. Sworn Statement for  Family Gift of a Used Vehicle in the Province of Ontario)
  • Separation Agreements / Divorce Agreements

Click here to book an in-person signing appointment for these documents.

Online Signing Service

What equipment do I need to use your online signing service?

Computer/laptop with webcam, or mobile device (phone, tablet) and internet connection.

How do I upload my documents and which file formats are accepted?

You upload your documents and ID in the online booking intake form. All files must be in PDF, JPEG, PNG format.

Can I upload multiple documents? 


How do I sign a document electronically / digitally? 

At your scheduled appointment time, you will be sent a link to electronically sign the document(s) using an online signing tool called SignNow. If you are using a computer/laptop, you can sign the documents using your cursor, or if your laptop is touchscreen compatible, you can use your finger or a stylus to sign as you would sign a paper document. 

If you are on a mobile device (phone/tablet) you use your finger or a stylus/surface pen to sign.

How do I receive the fully signed and notarized or commissioned document?

Once you have electronically signed the document, it will prompt the notary/commissioner to electronically countersign. When the notary is finished signing, the completed document is automatically sent to you for printing or forwarding, or submission. Please be sure to send/forward only the final copy 

What are the alphanumeric digits I see underneath my digital signature in the completed document?

As part of its robust security settings, SignNow automatically inserts a unique alphanumeric ID code underneath each signature in every completed document. This code is unique to each signature, and is logged in the SignNow audit trail (explained below). This code represents an additional layer of security and verifiability for your e-signed document.

What is the Document History (audit trail) document I see attached to my completed document? 

The SignNow signing platform automatically records all edits, text additions, and signatures made to your uploaded document, and logs the IP address of each user. This creates a verifiable audit trail which provides proof of who accessed the document file, and when.

How do I connect with the notary/commissioner for my appointment?

When you are finished booking, a confirmation email is sent to you which contains a link for Zoom, which is a free video conferencing service. If you opted to have your call via FaceTime or Whatsapp, the notary/commissioner will contact you at the scheduled  appointment time at the phone number you provided.

Will you continue to offer online services after the pandemic has ended? 

Yes. Notary Pro Canada is committed to making the document signing process as simple and secure as possible, for all Canadians. As more provinces permit and authorize electronic signing and commissioning, Notary Pro Canada intends to expand this service offering.

Can multiple people in different locations sign the same document online?

Yes. When you book your appointment, the intake form requests the full legal names and email addresses of any additional people required to sign or witness the same document. Please identify the other signers or witnesses who will be signing and in which capacity (i.e. as a witness or a second signer).

Does Notary Pro Canada provide witnesses for online signings?

No. Please provide a witness or witnesses who are unrelated, if possible. If the notary can supply a witness, they will advise you accordingly. Remember, your friends or neighbours can witness and digitally sign a document via video from the comfort of their home, and do not need to physically join you. We fully encourage strict self-isolation measures due to the COVID-19 outbreak, and recognize it is not possible to invite friends or neighbours over to witness a document in person.

Is this process the same as in-person service?

Yes. Either in-person, or online, the notary public is verifying your identity, confirming you are signing the document freely and without any duress, and is witnessing your signature. The difference is that you will only receive an electronic copy of your digitally notarized document when you use our online service.

Is it legal to sign digitally (via electronic signature)?

Yes. The Ontario Electronic Commerce Act states that “a legal requirement that a document be signed is satisfied by an electronic signature.” (2000, c. 17, s. 11 (1).)

What has the Law Society of Ontario stated about signing digitally?

The Law Society has issued guidance to lawyers about virtual commissioning and created the following checklist. The Law Society does not regulate the Notaries Act nor the Commissioners for taking Affidavits Act.

What is your refund policy?

Upon written or documented proof that your document was rejected by any authority or organization, Notary Pro will refund you for the amount paid specifically for the rejected document. Refund applies only to the rejected document and not for any other services or documents paid by you to Notary Pro Canada at the same time, or in any related transaction. 


Last Will and Testament / Power of Attorney – Virtual Witnessing

Is it legal to virtually witness my Will and Power of Attorney?

Yes. As of April 7, 2020, you can virtually witness these documents via video conference, pursuant to Ontario Regulation 2020.0240.e. Note that virtual witnessing is entirely different from digitally signing. 

What is virtual witnessing?

You will print your Will and/or Power of Attorney. You will join a video call with the Notary Pro and a second witness, who will both virtually witness you physically sign your document. There is no digital signature process for virtual witnessing.

Who will serve as my first witness? Second witness?

For any virtual witnessing of a Will, a licensed member of the Law Society (such as a Notary Pro notary public or lawyer) must serve as the first witness. The second witness may be any legal adult, who is not a beneficiary under your Will, or your spouse.

What are the rules for Witnesses in Ontario?

You must have two witnesses sign your Will in Ontario. There are certain restrictions about who can serve as a witness for a Will. Click here to learn more.

Do I need to initial each page of my Will and/or Power of Attorney?

Yes, it is strongly recommended to initial each page of the Will and POA.

Can I digitally sign my Will or Power of Attorney instead of physically signing?

No. Electronic signatures are governed by the Ontario Electronic Commerce Act. Section 31 of this Act states that electronic signatures do not apply to Wills, Trust, or Powers of Attorney. While we understand this may be frustrating, Notary Pro strictly complies with all provincial rules and regulations.

Can the witnesses digitally sign the Will or Power of Attorney?

No. Not at this time, in accordance with section 31 of the Electronic Commerce Act.



So how does Notary Pro sign my Will or Power of Attorney?

Once you have physically signed your document, you may drop off the original signed copy to the Notary Pro location near you while observing strict social distancing. 

If the Notary Pro rep who virtually witnessed your Will is in another city, you will be provided with a courier packing slip and will be asked to drop off your document at the nearest courier service provider. Notary Pro will then countersign and courier the documents back to you.

Am I responsible for paying for courier fees?

Yes. Notary Pro has established flat fees based on region and will charge you the exact rate as paid by Notary Pro to send and ship back your documents.

How long does the entire process take?

Approximately 1 to 2 weeks. While we strive to return the signed documents to you as soon as possible, the timing depends on when we receive the signed documents from you. As we do not control the courier service or process, we cannot guarantee a return date.

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