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The final step to confirm your last wishes. Witness and sign your Will and Power of Attorney remotely via online video.

willful and notary pro collaborationNotary Pro and Willful are proud to collaborate to help individuals and families sign their Wills and Powers of Attorney (POA) safely at home through virtual witnessing.

Notary Pro can help you give your family peace of mind by ensuring your estate is handled according to your wishes with a simple virtual witnessing of your Will or POA.

Our secure video signing service allows your Will or POA to be witnessed and signed by a notary public from the comfort and safety of your own home.

We can also virtually commission any Affidavit of Execution for your Will and POA.

Process approved in Ontario by the Law Society of Ontario and the Ministry of the Attorney General via Ontario Regulation 129/20.

Process approved in British Columbia by Ministerial Orders 161/2020 and 162/2020.

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How it works

Our remote online notary service is convenient, secure and online. It is as simple as 1-2-3. All you need to do is upload or email us your document(s), pick a convenient time and date, and pay. Once your appointment is booked, you will receive a confirmation email with all essential details and your notary will soon contact you.

Last Will and Testament signing

What is virtual witnessing?

Virtual witnessing allows your Notary Pro and a second witness to watch you physically sign your documents while on a video call. After booking your appointment, please print a copy of your Last Will and/or Power of Attorney. Grab a pen and your ID, and then join the Zoom video call at the scheduled time.

Courier your Last Will

I signed my Will. Now what do I do?

Ontario law currently requires physical “wet” signatures on the original document. After you physically sign your Will, Notary Pro and the additional witness will physically sign their counterpart copy. Once signed, Notary Pro will mail or courier the signed witness copy of the Will back to you. Keep and store both the original and the signed witness copies.

Your security comes first

Our team is continuously working to improve our product security and harden our software from attack against hackers. All video calls use encrypted passwords and our digital signature platform includes chain of custody record keeping to protect the integrity of your document. Your documents are backed-up, stored securely, and password-protected.

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Notary Pro Trustpilot Review
Notary Pro Trustpilot Review

Affordable Pricing: Peace of Mind

Pricing tiers to match Willful’s 3 plan types



1 Document

 $ 65 CAD 

Includes one virtual witness meeting to sign:

- 1 Last Will & Testament

- Regular Return Mail in Canada included

**Courier fees extra

**$25 Extra: Affidavit of Execution**

HST included


3 Documents

$ 95 CAD


Includes one virtual witness meeting to sign:

- 1 Last Will & Testament

- 1 Power of Attorney (Finance & Property)

- 1 Healthcare Emergency Representatives & Wishes

- Regular Return Mail in Canada included

**Courier fees extra**

**$25 Extra: Affidavit of Execution**

HST included


6 Documents

$ 125 CAD

Includes one virtual witness meeting to sign:

- 2 Last Will & Testaments

- 2 Powers of Attorney (Finance & Property)

- 2 Healthcare Emergency Representatives & Wishes

- Regular Return Mail in Canada included

**$25 Extra: Affidavit of Execution**

**Courier fees extra**

HST included


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Our notaries are licensed lawyers

We recruit and hire only the best notaries and commissioners. All our notaries are all accomplished lawyers, called to the Ontario bar, and are in good standing with their provincial Law Society. We strive to provide the best in-class service with exceptional notarial talent.

Remote online notary is legal & legitimate

During these challenging times, the Governments of Ontario and British Columbia have granted lawyers and notaries permission to virtually witness Last Will and Testaments, as well as Powers of Attorney. Our process fully aligns with the legal industry’s best practices and is compliant with the provincial Law Society’s directives to all licensed lawyers.

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Still have questions? We have answers.

More About Remote Online Signing Service
What equipment do I need to use your online signing service?

Computer/laptop with webcam, or mobile device (phone, tablet) and internet connection.

How do I upload my documents and which file formats are accepted?

You upload your documents and ID in the online booking intake form. All files must be in PDF, JPEG, PNG format.

Can I upload multiple documents? 


How do I sign a document electronically / digitally? 

At your scheduled appointment time, you will be sent a link to electronically sign the document(s) using an online signing tool called SignNow. If you are using a computer/laptop, you can sign the documents using your cursor, or if your laptop is touchscreen compatible, you can use your finger or a stylus to sign as you would sign a paper document.

If you are on a mobile device (phone/tablet) you use your finger or a stylus/surface pen to sign.

How do I receive the fully signed and notarized or commissioned document?

Once you have electronically signed the document, it will prompt the notary/commissioner to electronically countersign. When the notary is finished signing, the completed document is automatically sent to you for printing or forwarding, or submission. Please be sure to send/forward only the final copy

What are the alphanumeric digits I see underneath my digital signature in the completed document?

As part of its robust security settings, SignNow automatically inserts a unique alphanumeric ID code underneath each signature in every completed document. This code is unique to each signature, and is logged in the SignNow audit trail (explained below). This code represents an additional layer of security and verifiability for your e-signed document.

What is the Document History (audit trail) document I see attached to my completed document?

The SignNow signing platform automatically records all edits, text additions, and signatures made to your uploaded document, and logs the IP address of each user. This creates a verifiable audit trail which provides proof of who accessed the document file, and when.

How do I connect with the notary/commissioner for my appointment?

When you are finished booking, a confirmation email is sent to you which contains a link for Zoom, which is a free video conferencing service. If you opted to have your call via FaceTime or Whatsapp, the notary/commissioner will contact you at the scheduled  appointment time at the phone number you provided.

Will you continue to offer online services after the pandemic has ended? 

Yes. Notary Pro Canada is committed to making the document signing process as simple and secure as possible, for all Canadians. As more provinces permit and authorize electronic signing and commissioning, Notary Pro Canada intends to expand this service offering.

Can multiple people in different locations sign the same document online?

Yes. When you book your appointment, the intake form requests the full legal names and email addresses of any additional people required to sign or witness the same document. Please identify the other signers or witnesses who will be signing and in which capacity (i.e. as a witness or a second signer).

Does Notary Pro Canada provide witnesses for online signings?

No. Please provide a witness or witnesses who are unrelated, if possible. If the notary can supply a witness, they will advise you accordingly. Remember, your friends or neighbours can witness and digitally sign a document via video from the comfort of their home, and do not need to physically join you. We fully encourage strict self-isolation measures due to the COVID-19 outbreak, and recognize it is not possible to invite friends or neighbours over to witness a document in person.

Is this process the same as in-person service?

Yes. Either in-person, or online, the notary public is verifying your identity, confirming you are signing the document freely and without any duress, and is witnessing your signature. The difference is that you will only receive an electronic copy of your digitally notarized document when you use our online service.

Is it legal to sign digitally (via electronic signature)?

Yes. The Ontario Electronic Commerce Act states that “a legal requirement that a document be signed is satisfied by an electronic signature.” (2000, c. 17, s. 11 (1).)

What has the Law Society of Ontario stated about signing digitally?

The Law Society has issued guidance to lawyers about virtual commissioning and created the following checklist. The Law Society does not regulate the Notaries Act nor the Commissioners for taking Affidavits Act.

What is your refund policy?

Upon written or documented proof that your document was rejected by any authority or organization, Notary Pro will refund you for the amount paid specifically for the rejected document. Refund applies only to the rejected document and not for any other services or documents paid by you to Notary Pro Canada at the same time, or in any related transaction.

Our Virtual Will Signing Process
Will Virtual Witnessing Process
Last Will and Testament / Power of Attorney – Virtual Witnessing
Is it legal to virtually witness my Will and Power of Attorney?

Yes. As of April 7, 2020, you can virtually witness these documents via video conference, pursuant to Ontario Regulation 2020.0240.e. Note that virtual witnessing is entirely different from digitally signing.

What is virtual witnessing?

You will print your Will and/or Power of Attorney. You will join a video call with the Notary Pro and a second witness, who will both virtually witness you physically sign your document. There is no digital signature process for virtual witnessing.

Who will serve as my first witness? Second witness?

For any virtual witnessing of a Will, a licensed member of the Law Society (such as a Notary Pro notary public or lawyer) must serve as the first witness. The second witness may be any legal adult, who is not a beneficiary under your Will, or your spouse.

What are the rules for Witnesses in Ontario?

You must have two witnesses sign your Will in Ontario. There are certain restrictions about who can serve as a witness for a Will. Click here to learn more.

Do I need to initial each page of my Will and/or Power of Attorney?

Yes, it is strongly recommended to initial each page of the Will and POA.

Can I digitally sign my Will or Power of Attorney instead of physically signing?

No. Electronic signatures are governed by the Ontario Electronic Commerce Act. Section 31 of this Act states that electronic signatures do not apply to Wills, Trust, or Powers of Attorney. While we understand this may be frustrating, Notary Pro strictly complies with all provincial rules and regulations.

Can the witnesses digitally sign the Will or Power of Attorney?

No. Not at this time, in accordance with section 31 of the Electronic Commerce Act.

Our Shipping / Courier Solution
So how does Notary Pro sign my Will or Power of Attorney?

Once you have physically signed your document, your Notary Pro and the additional witness will physically countersign their copy and then mail their copies back to you.

Am I responsible for paying for postage fees?

Notary Pro includes postage fees in the standardized pricing paid when you book your appointment.

How long does the entire process take?

Approximately 1 to 2 weeks. While we strive to return the signed documents to you as soon as possible, we cannot guarantee postal return dates.

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