Will Ottawa City Hall notarize my documents?

No! Ottawa City Hall does not offer document notarization or commissioner of oaths services. You will waste your time if you ask the clerks the notarize your documents at City Hall. That’s the honest truth!

In recent years, the city government has stopped offering these services and instead is looking to private notary companies like Notary Pro Canada to notarize and commission citizens’ documents. A notarial services company can provide expertise and professional guidance to assist with document notarization questions.

The other advantage of working with a notary company like ours is that most of our notaries are also practicing lawyers licensed by the Law Society of Ontario. In the event you need legal services assistance, you can retain the notary separately to provide independent legal advice about your document. This is something that a clerk at City Hall can never provide.

However, Notary Pro Canada’s Downtown Ottawa location (116 Albert Street, Suite 300) is just around the corner and ready to notarize or commission your documents. We have a second downtown office at 185 Somerset Street West, Suite 320 which can help notarize your documents. We also operate many more locations across Ottawa which are ready to assist.

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