What is a remote online notary public?

Remote online notary public services allow you to electronically sign your documents while on an online video call with an Ontario notary public.

The Ontario Electronic Commerce Act establishes that electronic signatures are valid legal signatures on documents. The only exceptions are on Wills, Powers of Attorney, Trusts, and negotiable instruments, which

How does the remote signing process work?

When you book an appointment online, you will be asked to upload a digital copy of your document and a scan of your ID. You will receive a meeting invite to join a notary public on an online video call.

Notary Pro will then digitally tag your document for electronic signature and email it to you to sign. Your Notary Pro will check your ID against the Ontario government database verify your identity.

Once confirmed, the notary will meet with you on the video call to review your document, and then electronically sign it through an encrypted document signing service.

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