Your Guide to an Insurance Proof of Loss Form

Disasters happen and are a way of life. Many of you will have insurance to hedge and protect yourself and your assets in case of an unforeseen event. 

What is an Insurance Proof of Loss Form? 

When a tragedy does happen, your insurance company may provide financial compensation under your policy. Each insurance company in North America may provide you with a form to document the loss of property, assets or objectives that are insured under your policy. This is called a Proof of Loss form.

Types of Damage that can lead to loss

Loss of property can consist of the following non-exhaustive acts: 

  • Thief 
  • Flooding and/or wind storm
  • Fire
  • Sewage backup
  • Vehicle damage

What is asked in a Proof of Loss Form

When you need to make a claim, you will be asked to complete a Proof of Loss form. Typical information you’ll be asked for includes:

  • The type of damage that occurred
  • What covered items were involved
  • The current replacement value of the property damaged or destroyed, as well as the value of the contents involved
  • Evidence of the loss

Before filling out a Proof of Loss form, it is wise to first check with your specific insurance company, as they may have specific forms and processes to comply with. 

However, before providing the completed form back to your insurance company you will need to have the form commissioned before a commissioner of oaths (or notary public), where you will declare that what you have written down on the form is true and accurate.

How NotaryPro can help with the Proof of Loss?

You can book an in-person appointment or a remote online appointment with Notary Pro. Simply select the location, date and time. Your insurance proof of loss form should be complete but not signed until the appointment.

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