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It’s our chance to make a small difference

With the rise of COVID-19, many aspects of our lives have changed. This new and unprecedented risk has disrupted the way we live. We now find ourselves living and working differently from our normal routine. Many of us are now working remotely, and at home.

However, there are many of you still on the frontlines, risking your health and well being to help others. Many of you are doctors, nurses, police officers, and general workers that keep our society moving along. Without your effort, we know we would be all worse off.

At Notary Pro, we are collaborating with Willful to virtually witness your Wills and Power of Attorney online. We are offering any Canadian frontline health care workers a significant discount on our virtual witnessing service to get your Last Will & Testaments, Affidavits of Executions and Power of Attorneys notarized so that you can continue your mission knowing your estate is well in order.

Thank you for your effort, sacrifice and determination during these challenging times.

– Robert David Onley, CEO of Notary Pro

How long does the offer run?

This unique offer will run from April 29th to May 31st. Eligible candidates are those who have already purchased their Will and Power of Attorney through Willful, prior to engaging with Notary Pro.

What is the discount?

For our frontline workers, we will offer 40% off the standard virtual witnessing prices, to all you to have your Will or Power of Attorney virtually witnessed and notarized.

How do I apply the discount?

To get start in notarizing your estate documents, just click on the link below and sign up for a Will / POA appointment. You will then need to use the same promo code Willful provided to you. After you complete the intake form, click “Redeem Code” to input the promo code.


Should you have any questions or need the code, please contact us.

Further questions?

If you have additional questions about the different services, please go to the below locations:

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