Invitation Letter Sample Template (Visitor Visa Letter)

Professional Sample Template Invitation Letter: To instantly receive a free template Invitation Letter, please complete the free Google Form below. This form is also linked here and is best viewed on a laptop/computer. You can then immediately digitally notarize the form using NotaryPro’s popular Remote Online Notary service.

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About the Invitation Letter Sample

What is it?

An invitation letter is sent to Canadian embassies/consulates located around the world in order to request and obtain a Visitor Visa for your family member, friend, or loved one to then visit you in Canada. This letter must be notarized.​

What should the letter say?

An invitation letter must contain precise details about you and about the person you intend to invite to Canada, such as their visit dates, passport information, your employment and status in Canada, as well as an explanation for why the person is visiting. To make sure you write the letter correctly the first time, use the simple form below to have Notary Pro Canada draft the Invitation Letter for you.

Is it the same as a Travel Consent letter?


A Recommended Consent Letter for Children Traveling Abroad is a completely different document. Click here if you need a Travel Consent letter template.

If you need to invite a family member to Canada, we have the perfect invitation letter ready for you.

Looking for the Recommended Consent Letter for Children Traveling Abroad? Click here.

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