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Are you seeking a legal document to prove your vaccination status? Do you need an Affidavit (also called an Attestation) to establish that you are fully vaccinated against COVID-19?

We can draft this FREE Affidavit for you in the correct format for any institution requiring a legal document stating your vaccination status.

NotaryPro encourages individuals to speak to their healthcare professionals regarding vaccinations and follow all rules and guidelines from their local public health unit.

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FAQ: Creating a Proof of Vaccination Affidavit

What is a Vaccine Attestation Affidavit?

A vaccination attestation Affidavit is a document that is sworn by you and signed before a notary public (including a lawyer or a paralegal) in order to establish that you are fully or partially vaccinated. “Swearing” the document simply means that you are swearing or declaring that the statements in the document are true. You will be required to swear or affirm that the contents of the affidavit are true.

Is the Vaccination Attestation Affidavit a legal document?

Yes. An Affidavit is a legal tool for establishing your declared or stated view of a set of facts. The Affidavit template provided by NotaryPro provides a simple template for your personal use. The end recipient’s acceptance of the Affidavit cannot be and is not guaranteed by NotaryPro. We cannot confirm that any recipient will accept, acknowledge or otherwise recognize the Affidavit. NotaryPro does not take any responsibility for your use of the Affidavit, nor any consequences or repercussions related to or directly caused by the use of the Affidavit.

How do I receive my Vaccination Attestation Affidavit file?

Creating your free proof of vaccination affidavit is quick and easy. Simply complete the form on this page, or click here to open the form. When you are done, you will instantly receive your template affidavit via email as a Google Doc file. You can edit, change or revise the text of the Affidavit as needed. Then you can book an appointment with us to virtually commission (digitally notarize) via online video.

How do I notarize or commission my Affidavit?

Once you get your affidavit via email, you can easily book a Remote Online Notary appointment on our website at A commissioner of oath or Notary Public will meet you via online video to electronically sign the document, and will commission your signature and apply their notary or commissioner seal.

Affidavit Drafting Services

Affidavit Creation Process:

  • Simply complete the form above (or click here)
  • Your Affidavit template will be instantly emailed to you in the Microsoft Word file format (.docx).
  • You can edit or change the document as much as you wish.
  • You can then book an appointment with us to notarize the document ($34.95 plus tax, standard notarization fee applies) by booking online.
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*Please do NOT book an appointment until after we send your draft document via email.

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