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Sending documents or products overseas? Need your documents authenticated and legalized for export? We can process any documents in Ottawa at an affordable price to meet your business needs. (See Prices below)

Notary Pro Canada will notarize, authenticate and legalize any document or products and works with all Embassies and Consulates in Ottawa to achieve your objectives. With satisfied customers across Canada and around the world (read our reviews), we make it easy to do business globally.

Authentication of Documents by Global Affairs Canada in Ottawa (GAC / JLAC):
Foreign Governments and organizations can require specific documents be authenticated before accepting them as valid and legal.

In order to have Canadian documents authenticated for use abroad, Notary Pro Canada can assist your business through the legalization and authentication procedure for your business, legal and personal purposes, on all types of documents.

We have experience in the authentication process by the Global Affairs Canada (GAC) and the legalization process by the embassies, consulates and any other legal institution. Our staff include former employees of Global Affairs Canada, and are highly familiar with all processes there.

Step 1: Notarization

Get your document notarized

Before any authentication, you will need your document notarized. We can handle that process by booking an in-person appointment here.

Step 2: Authentication

What is Authentication?

Authentication is a certification of the genuineness of the signature and seal or the position of an official who has the authority to execute, issue, or certify a document so that a document executed, issued or certified in one jurisdiction may be recognized in another jurisdiction.

Authentications do not certify the genuineness, legality or credibility of the documents or their contents.

Global Affairs Canada (GAC, sometimes called ‘Foreign Affairs’ by its old name) authenticates documents for the public through their JLAC branch for a wide range of documents.

You may request that a Canadian public document be authenticated by asking (GAC) / (JLAC) to confirm that a Canadian public official’s signature, seal or stamp on the document is genuine.

Step 3: Legalization

What is Legalization?

After being authenticated by GAC, Embassies require that documents be legalized. The general requirements to legalize documents in embassies are:
• The document must be an original or certified true copy of the original by a notary public or commissioner of oaths.
• It must be stamped by GAC.
• Some embassies require translation.
• Some embassies require a cover letter explaining the purpose of use.
• Some embassies require supporting documents linking authentication with the provided document (business/work contracts, travel visas, educational offers, etc.)


Our Prices

  1. Step 1 – Notarization of documents: $30 for the first document, $20 for all additional documents.

  2. Step 2 – Authentication – Includes: Attendance at Global Affairs Canada – $125 including HST

    1. Authentication (optional) – Attendance at Canadian Chamber of Commerce – $50 plus HST, plus authentication fee charged by CCC

  3. Step 3 – Legalization – Includes: Attendance at Embassy/Consulate in Ottawa – $125 including HST

  4. Step 4 – Courier services – The documents are returned to you. We charge you the amount we are billed (usually around $20 within Canada). If you wish to have the documents sent directly overseas, we will arrange a guaranteed international envelope with tracking number.


Please call us directly at 1-888-313-0909 or send us an email at: [email protected] to discuss your legalization and authentication needs.

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