4 Steps to Notarize Your Documents

Ever wondered what happens when you need to notarize a document or simply wonder what you need to get this done? The notarization process is very simple, quick and easy.

Below are the four basic steps in any notarization to help demystify the process for you and guide you through what happens when you need to notarize a document.

  1. In front of the Notary Public, you must present valid photo identification (not expired). Driver’s licenses or passports are the most common pieces of valid government-issued photo ID.
  2. Your Notary Public will then verify your ID, and ensure you understand and can confirm (attest) the accuracy and authenticity of the document you are about to sign.
  3. You sign the document, while the Notary Public witnesses your signature.
  4. Once you sign, the Notary will then sign, affix her or his stamps, and then seal (emboss) the document. The document is now officially notarized.

The process is fast, easy and not time consuming!

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