Can you notarize a vaccine receipt / vaccination status / COVID test results?

Yes, NotaryPro can notarize a Certified True Copy of any of the following COVID-related and vaccination documents:

  • Your ‘proof of vaccination’ receipt issued by the provincial/state government, stating the date/time of your vaccination (also known as a vaccine receipt)
  • Vaccination status card / receipt / document
  • COVID test results (negative or positive PCR test, for example)

You may be required to provide a notarized copy of the above documents in order to travel outside the province, state, or country.

“A Certified True Copy signed and notarized by a Notary Public confirms for the recipient that the document has not been altered or modified in any way, and is therefore as trustworthy as the original.”

For documents printed on paper

If any of the above original documents are printed on paper, you will require an in-person notary appointment, which you can book here.

For documents that are digital

If you only have a digital original document (for example: the original was emailed to you as a PDF file), NotaryPro can provide a Digital Certified True Copy from our Remote Online Notary service, which you can book here.

Note: it is your responsibility to confirm in advance of any appointment that the recipient of your digital certified true copy will accept an electronic signature and notary seal.

We can also notarize documents provided or requested from your employer requiring you to swear / attest to your vaccination status.

How can Notary Pro Help? 

At Notary Pro, we can help you to get your vaccine documents notarized either in-person, or through our popular Remote Online Notary service. We offer convenient in-person notary services with locations all over Canada, or remote online notarization. Visit us at or call us at 1-888-313-0909 to see how we can help you further?

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