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COVID-19 & Notary Public Services

COVID-19 & Notary Public Services The COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak is a grave threat to public health. Given the in-person, face-to-face nature of notary public services, Notary Pro Canada is treating this situation with the utmost caution, as we place the health of our team and you - our clients - as the top priority. The [...]

What is a Guarantor? A Guide for Canadians

What is a Guarantor? Have you been asked to provide a guarantor on a government document? A guarantor is a person who can verify your identity and generally confirm information stated about you which will certify that the statements made on an application / document are true. You may be asked to provide the name [...]

Why is it important to notarize my document?

Having a notary public witness a signature is a powerful risk management tool to prevent fraud and identity theft. But many clients still ask us: why do I need to have my document notarized? Or why does this government agency / organization ask for a notarized signature? The answer is fairly simple: getting an agreement […]

Identity Theft and how Notaries help prevent it

With identity theft and document fraud on the rise globally, protecting your identity is more important now than ever before. The role of the Notary Public is more important than ever. Did you know that? Only a notarized document can effectively guarantee the identity of anyone who signs a document. The Notary Public will verify […]

Travel Consent Letter for Children Traveling Abroad

Templates: Recommend Travel Consent Letter – Interactive PDF (easier to complete) Alternate Templates: Word Version – Regular PDF What is a travel consent letter? If your child will be traveling abroad alone, the Government of Canada strongly recommends that Canadian children carry a notarized consent letter. This letter is essential if they are travelling abroad […]

Certified True Copy – What is it?

There are two definitions of a certified copy: a traditional certified copy and a certified true copy. 1) A traditional certified copy is a photocopy of a document that is certified by a notary public. Most commonly, we notarize certified true copies of identity documents (ID’s and passports) and diplomas/degrees/certificates related to education credentials. 2) […]

Passport Applications & Guarantors: A Simple Guide for Canadians

Canadian Passport Application Requirements When applying for a Canadian Passport, an applicant must have their application, passport photo, and, if applicable, copies of documents confirming their identity signed by an eligible Guarantor. A notary public may commission a Statutory Declaration in Lieu of Guarantor only when you do not have a qualified guarantor. If you […]

Who can witness a Power of Attorney? (in Ontario)

Powers of attorney are important documents with specific legal restrictions on who can witness the signature of the grantor and of the attorney. The restrictions are the law and cannot be ignored. Powers of attorney require execution by the grantor (the person giving the power of attorney) in the presence of two witnesses, each of […]

Who can witness my Will? (in Ontario)

Signing a Last Will and Testament in Ontario? Not sure about who can be your witness? Here are the rules: A typed Will has to be dated and signed in front of two witnesses. The two witnesses must also sign the Will. All three (you and your two witnesses) must be together when signing. The […]

Will Ottawa City Hall notarize my documents?

No! Ottawa City Hall does not offer document notarization or commissioner of oaths services. You will waste your time if you ask the clerks the notarize your documents at City Hall. That’s the honest truth! In recent years, the city government has stopped offering these services and instead is looking to private notary companies like […]